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  • Canon Photocopier Printing Solutions

    Whatever your operating system and application
    software might be, TBSL provides a tailored
    solution from our range of copying, printing
    and scanning products that addresses the
    specific needs of your organisation.

  • HP Servers IT Services

    From large scale networks to a stand alone PC
    TBSL can specify, install, configure, and support
    most industry standard systems for any business

  • Philips Digital Dictation Machine Digital Dictation

    Stop being fed up with your old analogue
    dicatation system, embrace the future and
    get efficient with a Philips Digital
    dictation system.

  • DocuWare Document Management System Docuware

    DocuWare, the most technologically advanced IDM
    system with more than 6,000 users worldwide,
    could provide the key to boost the efficency and
    productivity of your company.

TBSL in Lincoln is so much more than ‘just a printer supplier’. As an independent company, we use a consultative, customer focused approach to find the right solutions to maximise your productivity and efficiency. Quite simply, our products and services make your business so much easier to run...

Canon Photocopier

TBSL for Photocopiers & Printers

When you press the print, copy, scan or fax buttons are you confident that you are getting the result you expect at a price that doesn't dent your bottom line? If you were a TBSL customer you could press all your office buttons with complete confidence that the equipment is fit for your needs and that you have been fully trained on all its functions. Click here to find out more about our photocopiers, printers, faxes and scanners.

HP Business Computer

TBSL for IT Solutions & IT Support

Whether you need a complete IT solution from the ground up or maybe just need some additions or enhancements to your existing network, TBSL can provide the most cost effective answer. Click here to find out more about out IT Support and IT Solutions.


TBSL for Document Management

Most organisations are awash with paperwork, both hard copy and electronic (e-mails etc). Consider the fact that more time is spent finding information than actually acting on the information itself! The ability to find ANY document in your business within SECONDS, whatever its origin or format is a reality enjoyed by many of our customers. Click here to find out more about document management .

Philips Dictation Machine

TBSL for Digital Dictation

With over 50 years experience in working with dictation eqiupment TBSL should be your first stop for helping you embrace the digital dictation revolution. Imagine a world where every last word is crystal clear and where tapes are no more. This can be a world you work in just Click here and contact us to find out what we can do to help streamline your dictation system.

Philips Dictation Machine Advert